Thursday, February 27, 2014


Starr. Pisces. Intuitive. Singer. Music Lover. Laughter. Ocean. The Shore. Cape May. Butterflies. Nature. Travel. Pinterest. Cooking. Coffee. Dunkin Donuts. Bacon. Hula Hooping. Yoga. Pilates. Daughter watching. Soul Mate. Lover. Jersey Girl. Fighter. Rocking. Wine. Cautious driver. Counselor. Wife. Mama. Daughter. Friend. Innovator. Daydreamer. Writer. Advocate. Loud. Sensitive. Dramatic. “The Guardian”. Me.

Loyal. Trustworthy. EDM. Dubstep. Music Lover. Sound System. Workaholic. Ocean. Ortley Strong. Sea-Glass Collector. Handsome. Tall. Body Boarder. Kind. Quiet. Fun. Reserved. Family Guy. Husband. Daddy. Travel. Dunkin Donuts. Consumer of Sweets. Foodie. Craft Beer Enthusiast. Simple. Loving. Organized. Sewer Operator. Hilarious. Nature Lover. Dog Lover. “The Captain.”

“First born”. Food-driven. Fast. Loyal. Playful. Patient. Loving. Fun. Labrador-Retreiver Mix. Protective. Hates Water. Obedient. Our “Keeper”.

Beautiful. Curls. Blue-eyes. Tall. Dancer. Jumper. Squeezes and Hugs. Runner. Books. Cards. Puzzles. Blocks. Outside. Laughter. Smiles. Fun. Energy. Active. Water lover. Car rides. Signing Time. Cookie. Ice Cream. Nuggets. Applesauce. Pocoyo. Cuddles. Music. Independence. Stubborn. Therapies. Sensory. Daughter. “Belle”. Butterfly. Perfect. “The Good”.