Tuesday, June 30, 2015

We Survived

(Exhales out) whew, we did it, we made it through Autumn's first year of preschool. I know it may not seem like anything to celebrate due to pretty much almost every child attending preschool is commonplace, but for us, it was yet another milestone to add to the parenting hall of gain. 

Not many parents can say that their child has an IEP going into preschool at 3 or can say that their child is autistic, which means the journey down the educational road will be quite long and possibly a rocky/bumpy ride, but I can. This past year was just the beginning of the many years to come when it pertains to my daughter's education and our experiences with the CST and school district as well as the many teachers, therapists, and other students that we will encounter all in due time. It's definitely not easy hearing all of the opinions of "professionals" stating what is "wrong" or "needs improvements" in regards to a small child who happens to be the love of your life. It took much pride swallowing and letting go this year in order to survive the not so pretty moments of Autumn being in preschool, but we did it and I can honestly say that I'm happy we did.

I've learned that just because my daughter needs extra help in life that I need to take the reigns and accept it. That there's nothing wrong with ME or my parenting that Autumn requires special education. I learned to limit the pity parties and feeling sorry for myself and to look at this alternate venture as an opportunity to become my greater self. Plus, I absolutely love and adore her school, teachers, therapists, and aides who've worked diligently to carve a small place within Autumn's overall future and her heart. They've definitely made their way into mine ❤️

For the parents out there getting ready to send their kids to school for the first time and are overwhelmed with emotion, its going to be okay. Feel how you feel, but don't stay there for too long. Yes, it doesn't feel fair to send your "baby" off to  school full/half days at barely three, but I promise you, you'll learn to love this new change, you'll adapt and you will get through this. Plus, think about all of the cute art work and projects they'll bring home, which will also be worth it. Above all, you're in excellent company. I will continue to be here to support the good moments and the bad. Remember, you're not alone. All the best!


(Left picture, her first day, right picture, her last day of pre-k 3)